The Worst Fitted Club In the Bag?

If we were able to rate by a percentage, how well each club in the bag fitted the golfer owning that bag, the putter would come last in almost every poll – and by more than double digits to the next most badly fitted club.

We will never be able to drive a car efficiently if we are unable to reach the pedals without “scooching” to the edge of the seat. Similarly we will never be able to putt well if the putter is not fitted correctly.

Fitting a putter in your living room is not difficult, and once fitted to the correct length wrap a piece of tape on the grip at that point. The heel of your upper hand should not be placed above this piece of tape. There is no need to immediately cut and re-grip your putter before you get started in correcting your putting stroke.

This winter take your putting to the next level, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

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We look forward to having you in the Winter Class of 2016.

Frank & Valerie