Why Does a Draw Go Farther Than a Fade?


Why does a draw go farther than a fade? I’ve been told it’s due to overspin (a bogus answer, since only a topped ball has overspin) and because the ball is hit lower (more plausible). The factor that seems most reasonable to me is that draws seem to be more solid hits than are fades. Can you give a definitive answer?

–Jim, NC


Thank you for your question.

If the launch conditions of a draw or a fade were mirror images, then there would be no difference in trajectory or distance. But a draw is launched faster than a fade. This is generally the result of a better strike with less loft, a lower trajectory and, in most cases, less spin (not overspin, as you say). This combination of launch conditions should almost always result in more distance for a draw than a fade.

Hope this helps.


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