More Distance from New Equipment?


To date my performance seems to have improved because of advanced technology and buying new equipment every two years or less. I would like to get better and improve my distance.

I am wondering, based on the history of my performance (9.3 handicap) and  in spite of my aging 55 year old body, if I have a chance of improving further especially getting a little more distance by looking at a new set of clubs or at least a new driver?

Thank you for what you do and have done for our game. It is great to get an unbiased opinion.

Corrie, VA


Thank you for the kind comments, your loyalty, and trust.

I am afraid that getting new equipment every two years with an eye to improving performance and especially more distance may not be well founded. The reason is that there are limits to improved performance without having to work for it through more practice and/or good well-qualified instruction.

If you are fitted to your equipment – which is seemingly the case based on your frequent visits to the equipment store – then I can say with some confidence that new equipment, in spite of how good it is today, is not very much better with regard to distance, than it was two or three years ago.

The evidence for this is that there are certain natural limits dictated by Mother Nature limiting distance and from PGA Tour statistics (the best test lab available) the average driving distance has not improved at all over the last eight years, and has now reached a plateau.

Corrie, YES golfers may get better and learn to swing faster, and the forgiveness in club design may continue to improve but in most cases, not by very much. However, there is no good reason for you to stop looking for that little extra advantage. The placebo effect is alive and well, but the trick is to keep it working for longer than the price tag stays on the shaft.

One of the charming things about golf is that we live in hope and never give up looking for that magic club.

Hope this helps  



One thought on “More Distance from New Equipment?

  1. I agree with Frank here.. Your aging body is the key fact that I take from your comment. Factor in that with Frank’s suggestion with getting a professional assessment and lesson is good. I am 66, have an index of 4.8 (was 7.8 in 2010) and have followed-up on lessons received in 2010-2011. Look at why index is up, make an assessment appointment and I would bet your index will go. I found out that following Bobby Jones’ note on golf is played on 6-inch course (distance between ears) was much more helpful than equipment.

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