The Best Golf Ball for You


Thank you for your candid and very helpful answers to our questions and the putting tips.

I love your books and have a Frankly Frog which will be with me for a long time because it is such a good friend.

My question is, are there really any differences between premium balls used on the tour as far as I am concerned ( 15 handicap) or is it all marketing? Mitch, FL

First let me thank you for your kind words and I am pleased you have made  good friends with your Frog putter. There are many golfers with Frog putters from the same pond who have taken advantage of the putting tips, which has helped them build their confidence and friendship with their Frog. Well done, you certainly know how to get me to answer your question 🙂

Mitch, regarding your question about the Best Ball, you need to realize that the golf ball business is really tough and few companies have managed to be successful in capturing any major portion of the market from the leaders in premium balls. This is because these premium balls are about as good as they can get with only the very best golfers being able to recognize the slight differences in performance.

This makes it difficult to differentiate one ball from another – they are all round, white and with dimples.   So to have something to talk about—marketing – change the color because tennis balls and soft-ball balls can be seen better being yellow. Let’s face it we don’t really have a problem with trying to hit a moving golf ball so the color change may only be useful when looking for the ball when it is on its way to a place where it might be difficult to find.

Mitch, there are many good balls specifically designed for average golfers to improve their performance. These may not improve your performance by five shots but they will certainly give you five more yards and may be five yards more accurate. I suggest that you take the lead from the market leaders in premium balls and see what they have to offer for your handicap level.

Hope this helps

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