A New Driver

Hi Frank,

A question from the UK for you! Are premium branded clubs really better quality than mid priced equipment or does the additional price tag simply fund the more expensive marketing efforts of the premium brands such as TV advertising, sponsoring tour staff players etc?

Just to be clear I don’t mean the really cheap gear seen in Supermarkets! I mean is a £250 driver really better than a £100 driver or is it all image and perception?

Thanks in advance Frank.

Simon, UK

Thank you for the question, which is on the minds of many golfers in these trying financial times.

There is certainly a difference in the technology between the premium clubs and the Knock-offs. 
There are some brands, which are as good, and have similar technology to the Premium brands but you need to do some careful research before purchasing.

However, having said this, you may find that last years model of a premium brand may be reduced from ₤250 to  ₤ 100 (or a little more) in retail outlets, which reinforces your assumption that the overhead – sponsorships, advertizing and other promotions —  is a significant part of the price you pay for a brand new premium driver.  

I can say with some confidence, however, that the technology is not perishable and does not deteriorate on the shelf.

My strong suggestion therefore, is to slow down– as with the golf swing— regarding an impulse buy, and wait for the model change. Last year’s model will be as good as this years model with a slight change in performance that you will not be able to recognize. It may even be a different color, have various options for tinkering or have a new name with lots of XXXXXs, YYYYYYs and ZZZZZs in it which might affect the distance.

However, there is no substitute for confidence and if you think this years XXXXXs, YYYYYYs and ZZZZZs model will deliver what you can only dream about, it probably will, for a short time – about as long as the price tag is stuck to the shaft — so buy it and enjoy the wonderful two to three months of “The Placebo Effect” (TPE) . Otherwise, save some money, get last years model, and get a lesson which will rebuild some of your lost confidence.
Hope this helps 

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