More Distance From a $300 Golf Shaft?

Frank and Valerie,

Do I need a $300 shaft for my driver?

In a major golf publication there was an article describing several new shafts that are available for drivers. They ranged in price from about $200 to over $300 (installed). I feel money burning a hole in my pocket and wonder how much farther I will hit the ball with a new shaft in my driver.

Do I really need one or will I only feel shafted and poorer after spending my money?

Thanks for all the great advice and tips.

–Mike, Michigan

Your question is “Do I need a $300 shaft for my driver?”

The answer is, if you are on the tour and don’t have to pay for it, then it won’t do you any harm.

Is it going to increase your driving distance?

The answer to this is, you will not notice any difference. This assumes that the existing shaft in your driver is allowing  you to get the optimum launch conditions for your ball speed — i.e. for an 85 mph head speed ( approximately 125 mph ball speed if you hit it on the sweet-spot with a square face) you should be launching the ball at about 13 to 14 degree launch angle with about 3,000 to 3,500 rpm.

If you have launch conditions close to these then you are wasting your money by getting a $300 shaft – which may be the best available but will not satisfy your craving for more distance.

You have some other (less expensive) options;

a) Get a good lesson for less than $100;

b) Buy a ball similar to the Titleist Velocity ball or the Callaway HX Diablo which will give you a little increase in distance, but you may lose some feel around the green.

c) Stretch to improve your range of motion

d) Make sure your existing stock shaft is fitted correctly

Mike I hope this helps, saves you some money, and allows you to enjoy your game more knowing that the stock shaft properly fitted is as good as you can get unless you have money to burn and an expensive shaft makes you feel good.There is no doubt that the expensive shafts are generally better quality but this does not necessarily translate into greater distance for you.

Remember, you only hit 14 driver shots a round and probably 30-40+ putts per round. Just think about that. If your putting needs some help, you know where to find it.


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