Tiger’s Triple at the Open Championship


I want to thank you for your valuable insights and passion for the game. This is not an equipment question but I need to ask you what you believe Tiger was thinking about on the sixth hole at the British Open in the final round?

Does he not know the rules, or did he decide to take a chance in the bunker?
Phoenix Arizona

Thank you for your kind comments I am pleased we have been able to help you, which is in line with our mission to “Help Golfers”.

First, let me say that the Open Championship was another great championship and proof that modern technology played no part in the outcome. As predicted the course did its thing (especially on the final day) and the driver didn’t spend much time without its head cover in place. We should all congratulate Ernie, a great South African and a super golfer.

I have no idea what Tiger was thinking on Sunday at the 6th hole.

When up against the lip of such a severe bunker you should know that you have various options. Under Rule 28 and with one stroke penalty you can; a) go back to the place from where you played the previous shot; b) drop the ball behind the point where it lay but in line with the hole or; c) drop the ball within two club lengths but no closer to the hole.

If you select b) or c) you must drop it in the bunker.

Options b) or c) would seem to have been the best decision for Tiger to make, rather than trying an impossible shot and potentially being in more trouble.  

I can only conclude that Tiger did not clearly understand his options – no excuse for a player in his position — or he thought that he could pull off the miracle shot.

For the rest of us, we need to know that  the rules can help us get out of horrible situations, losing the fewest number of strokes.

Martin, thanks for the question, which will remind many golfers to learn a little more about some of the basic Rules which include unplayable lies in bunkers.

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