Superfast Greens

At The Barclays the greens were reportedly running at anywhere from 15 to 17 on the Stimpmeter. When faced with superfast greens, the key is not to change your putter weight but rather adjust your feel to the faster pace of the greens.

If you change the putter weight you are simply changing another variable to which your body needs to adjust.

Click here for more information on putters and green speeds. 

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10 thoughts on “Superfast Greens

  1. I prefer to see who putts well, not who is lucky. I live on the east coast of Canada. In the Spring and Fall the grasses that grow are consistent and play well throughout the day. In the heat of the Summer, Poa starts to take off and I have to say I very much dislike the random nature of putts on those surfaces, particularly late in the day.

  2. I fall into the category of “you’re a pro, and it’s the same for everyone so adapt if need be and get back into the game” The ‘head games’ will sometimes cause more issues than the issue. But as pointed out, this is a sport of constantly changing variables and the guys playing for a living need to stay in the game.

  3. I live in California and play on both bent grass and poa greens. Poa greens like those at Bethpage grow unevenly and are usually “lumpier” in the afternoon, thus it is difficult for slow putts to roll true. This was apparent on TV as some putts changed direction slightly for no apparent reason. This is nothing new. When someone complained to Ben Hogan about the same characteristic of poa greens he is purported to have said, “If you don’t like them, hit it closer to the hole.” That was also difficult to do on Saturday afternoon.

  4. It sems popular to have the fastest greens around. Why? Seems that they have gotten too fast to me. It makes for defensive play… gotta play below the hole… short-side is bogey or worse…hope to lag it close instead of trying to make putts…blemishes on the greens affect the putts more. Worse of all probably is that the grass has to be stressed terribly to get them that short and fast. They look near-death brown on TV.

  5. I don’t mind super fast greens, unless the wind, undulations of the greens or the grass type makes it inappropriate. In the case at the Barclays, I believe the grass did not allow the ball to roll true enough to accommodate that speed. I believe they had to roll the ball with conviction in order for it to roll true, and the speed of the greens did not allow that. The effect was that it made it “the luck of the draw” whether the ball bobbled into or around the cup. If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. Let’s find out who can putt…

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