Tiger and Phil’s Putting

Frank and Valerie,

I really enjoy reading your weekly tips and commentary, and seeing your video each week.

After watching the BMW play-offs I think that Tiger is losing his edge because of his putting, or is it that he is now up against some really good talented players?

I also see that Phil is using a claw grip.  Do you have any comment about Tiger’s putting and Phil’s claw?




I am pleased that you are enjoying our weekly Q&A.

Let me tell you that Tiger has one of the best putting strokes on the Tour, followed closely by Dustin Johnson and a few others.

Our online putting instruction course covers the fundamentals of putting and is based on solid mechanics and scientific principles. Tiger’s putting mechanics fit into what we believe, and our research indicates this is the ideal putting stroke. I do think his rhythm needs a little work but when he reads the green correctly and focuses there is no better putting stroke. Yes, he is up against some very talented golfers who have a lot of confidence and this is hard to beat.

As far as Phil is concerned, we find that many golfers who have fighting hands — i.e. their hands are vying for dominance during a putting stroke, leading to inconsistent putting  – go to a claw grip, which temporarily resolves the problem. It is not a grip we recommend but does work for a while and allows some golfers to regain their confidence. There are other ways to solve the dominant hand problem, which are more permanent solutions.

Jeff, I hope this helps gives you something to consider.

Frank & Valerie   

Share your thoughts below and let us and other site visitors  know what you think. And as an aside, do you think Tiger will beat Jack’s record for Major titles?


6 thoughts on “Tiger and Phil’s Putting

  1. Outstanding commentary, as always. As far as Tiger breaking Jack’s record … it’s a great story line and makes the game fun to watch each week. Now if he could break the record using a Frog Putter…. now THAT would be very cool.

  2. I once thought Tiger catching Jack was a foregone conclusion; not so much now. It is still possible of course, but stating the obvious, each year without one makes it a bit more difficult. I think he has the talent for sure, and Jack won at 46. Tigers win on a broken leg in 2008 was a miraculous display of talent and determination, but the physical and personal problems that followed undoubtedly dinged his “pschye” for lack of a better term. Of course, with a difference of 10 or 15 strokes Jack would have had a truly unmatchable record. The one he has is pretty good.

  3. Tiger may win another major, but the window is closing. I believe Jack’s record is safe. Too many young guns are coming on line that did not grow up in Tiger’s shadow and who have games that exceed Tiger’s.

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