Don’t Look Up!

On every putt (especially the short putts), we are inclined to watch the ball roll toward the hole. When we do this the ball knows and will do its best to miss the hole.

Looking up changes our alignment and the impact conditions significantly.

Listen for the ball to go into the hole. It prefers that you do this and will be better behaved.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Look Up!

  1. The pro golfer is conditioned and looks up shortly after making the stroke whilst the average golfer is inclined to look up during the stroke which cause a shift in body posture and direction.

  2. Harry Bradshaw, an Irish Pro from Portmarnock and a Successful Canada (World) Cup player with Christy O’Connor Senior had a name for it. He called it “Hit and Hark” and was one of the best putting exponents of his day.

    • had a lesson from Harry in the 70s great experience–never forget it-best 5 pounds ever spent-great stories and a dram afterward with coat and tie on

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