Two Reasons to Putt Before you Play

Just before teeing off, warm up on the practice green with two objectives-a) determine the green speed and calibrate yourself, and b) transfer your skills to the course by using only one ball and playing nine or so holes on the practice green. Make sure to complete each hole by sinking the putt. This builds confidence.

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One thought on “Two Reasons to Putt Before you Play

  1. If you are preparing for a shotgun tournament and the practice green is very busy, take two balls and hit one to a vacant area of the green. Now use the second ball and try to hit the first ball. Take a second putt if you need to to tap the first ball. Keep repeating the process. When you are finished you will be accomplished at hitting a 1.68 inch wide target, which is about 2/5’s the size of a standard cup. (When taking second putts, try to hit the dead center of the target ball as this will simulate the dead center of the cup).

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