Start Your Junior Golfer on the Right Track

Frank and Valerie,
My grandchildren have just started playing golf and I want to get them started on the right track.

They have some junior clubs but need some help using them. Do you have any tips to help parents or grandparents get their kids moving in the right direction?


First, make sure your grandchildren have a good set of junior clubs.

Google “Junior golf equipment” and you will find US Kids Golf and Callaway junior sets, and others which you need to look into. Don’t just cut down one of your old sets if you and your children are serious about the game and want to get started on the right track.

Next, you need to find a dedicated teacher who understands how best to teach juniors. Many of these are female teachers and qualified LPGA and PGA professionals.

The putting green is an ideal place to get your grandchildren into the game. Start with putting, then chipping and work your way back from there to the tee. This is a good way to develop their skills.

Many golfers have learned to putt from a relative, normally their father. It is only now that PGA and LPGA professionals are specializing in putting instruction by taking our Certified Putting Instructor Course.

George, our Certified Putting Instructor course (developed in partnership with the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland) is available to professional instructors, however, we have now condensed it into a book for golfers which covers putter fitting, the fundamentals (mechanics), pre-shot routine (mental aspects of putting), green reading and practice drills as well as understanding your putter.

If you want to get on the fast track to better putting yourself and/or to be able to teach your grandchildren sound fundamentals we’d suggest you read our book The Fundamentals of Putting and we will personally sign it for you. You will become the best grandfather ever and get the children on the right track to enjoying the game.

Have fun and putt well

One thought on “Start Your Junior Golfer on the Right Track

  1. We had the most success with our children in using a tennis ball while on the golf course and then switching back to a golf ball on the greens. While they will be unable to “tee-up” the tennis ball as it won’t stay on a tee, the usage of the tennis ball through the green encourages a full-effort swing while leaving lots of room for missed hits. They all want to hit it a long way and the tennis ball in the begining provided the most “fun” for the children. Finally, please consider starting each hole well up the fairway inside the most forward tee and it can be more enjoyable to play a scramble too including using your own ball in the mix. Keep it fun.

    Louis Rieke
    Nashville, TN

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