A Long Putting Tip

Before you putt, stand behind the ball and look at the hole, then take a practice or “feel” stroke to develop good rhythm. This helps your body prepare for the actual stroke you are going to make & helps your distance control, especially on long putts.

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2 thoughts on “A Long Putting Tip

  1. on long putts I look at the hole and not the ball….surprised at how accurate and close I come to the hall making the next putt much easier

  2. Though I have been doing this “feel” for some time, I found that the longer I waited to take the actual stroke after my practice strokes, the less likely I was to get the ball to the hole. The longer the pause, the less I “remembered” the feel. Rushing to putt created the same inconsistency. Developing a tempo between practice and the putt itself has been very important to my results.

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