Sink them like Scott

Take a leaf out of Adam Scott’s book: be persistent and putt with rhythm and confidence!

Frankly Golf would like to congratulate Adam Scott on a tremendous Masters victory.

For those who have questions about the type of putter he used, we need to advise you it was NOT – as much as it appeared to be – a new silver colored Frankly Frog® putter.

3 thoughts on “Sink them like Scott

  1. Frank, do you have any advice on putting in the rain? Adam Scott was close to the hole all day, missing to the right or left, but others were coming up short.

    I would guess that putts in wet conditions have less break.

  2. Don’t forget, Adam credited Steve Williams for correcting his read of the winning putt in the growing darkness! Stevie now has as many Masters wins as Tiger! And Tiger has won ZERO majors since firing Williams.

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