6 thoughts on “How to Check Your Eye Position When Putting

  1. I see all sorts of players, some very good putters, that don’t come close to that alignment. Technically your system seems very good, and I will try it this week.
    Love your weekly tips.

  2. Frank, take an old cd and put it on the ground place your ball in center hole and look down you can see your reflection in the cd and tell where your eyes are.

  3. I have a perspex mirror with a ball positioning hole in the middle, a line painted thru the length of the mirror and lines at right angles across the mirror. You can see your eyes in the mirror at address, the long line helps you to swing the putter back and thru on the same line and the other lines show whether the club face is square going back and on the follow thru. Now, if only I can remember which closet I put it in!

    David Davies, Sydney, Australia

  4. I noticed Valerie’s putter was toe-up at first, but less so after Frank had her step closer to the ball … so a proper lie angle and length putter (personally fitted to you, not generic off the store rack) would seem to be an almost automatic positioning aid also.

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