Chip and Putt

To hone your short game skills, take one ball to the practice green, chip it to the hole then putt it out. You can play 9 or 18 “holes” this way.

Vary the position from which you chip, and be sure to hole out each putt.

By combining both your chipping and putting skills you are practicing what you will do on the course. You can either keep score yourself and try to beat your personal best, or compete with one of your golfing buddies in a matchplay format.

Have fun!

One thought on “Chip and Putt

  1. My rule of thumb is never practice on a day that I play, and practice only one phase of the game in a session. My practice sessions tend to be 1-2 hours and over three sessions, one will be handling everything from 70 yards in, off the turf, rough, or bunker, with a 58º wedge, one putting with one ball on and around the practice green, and one with full shots from the turf or tee, starting with the 58º wedge and working up through the other clubs, one swing and one step up, to the driver.
    It’s like buying a house. The long game gets you into the neighborhood, the short game gets you the best deals.
    The benefit of this approach is discipline. When I get on the course, I know what I can do.

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