Innovations in Golf

Today, I’d like to talk about The Frankly Frog Putter and the graphite shaft.

These two innovations have the same Zodiac sign with their birthday in June.

The graphite shaft is 45 years old, born in June 1968 and the Frog is 10 years old, born in June 2003.

On this tenth birthday of the Frog Putter, we would like to let our friends and of course, the thousands of happy Frog owners know how the Frog was conceived.

This is not a sex education e-mail,  but a little history lesson  🙂

After 26 years as Technical Director of the USGA, researching how clubs work and devising test methods to evaluate their performance, as well as ruling on thousands of club submissions, it was obvious that there was room for improvement in the design of a putter.

Once I left the USGA in 2000, Valerie Melvin – an International Scottish golfer and researcher – and I founded Frankly Golf with a mission to help golfers better understand equipment: how it works and how to putt with confidence.

After weeks of brain storming about a putter design, I woke up at 2:00 am on the night of the 4th of June 2003 with the answer, and drew my new putter design on a scrap of paper. The next morning I drafted it to scale, and while doing so, to my dismay, I noticed that it looked like a frog.

I sent the drawings, with exact dimensions to our CAD/CAM design team. Within minutes of receiving the faxed drafted design, the CAD team called me to tell me that the putter design looked like a frog and that it should be called the Frankly Frog. I relented and thus the name of our pride and joy.

For those golfers looking for an instrument with all the sources of error removed – leaving the only errors to how it is used — they should consider making friends with the Frog Putter.

The Original Frog Putter and some of its siblings are the most forgiving and well-balanced putters available and the designs have not changed  since 2003.

Frankly Golf is the only company, which has not only a putter but also has instructions for use available.

In honor of the Frog’s tenth birthday, during the month of June, we will send a FREE autographed copy of our latest book “The Fundamentals of Putting” with every purchase of a new Frog from our webstore.

A putter with instructions for use  🙂

Thanks to all our Frankly Friends and Frog Owners throughout the world who have helped The Frankly Frog reach the grand old age of 10!!

The Original and Best, since 2003.

Happy Birthday


Feel free to leave your birthday wishes to the Frankly Frog by replying below.

2 thoughts on “Innovations in Golf

  1. I met you in martins in Orlando in Oct 2007, You gave me a lesson and i purchased my 08 frog (center shafted)made to measure. I wouldn’t putt with anything else and haven’t looked back since! My handicap dropped from 7 to 4 within weeks of using the frog. Just needs a new grip now!! Happy Birthday !

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