Feel Comfortable

It is important that you feel comfortable in your setup position over the ball as you are about to putt. Make sure that you are relaxed and feel as if you are going to make a good stroke. Do not doubt yourself over the ball or allow the voices in your head to talk to you!


2 thoughts on “Feel Comfortable

  1. Try walking and then looking for balls in high rough.

    They should outlaw golf carts for anyone under age 50 unless disabled.

    People who ride a cart up someone’s back and then gripe about slow play should find something else to do. I’m 64 and still carry my bag and I have to wait while carts ahead of me zig zig back and forth across the fairway looking for each others lost balls.

    Cit he down the rough and slow down the greens if you really want to speed up play.

  2. Yeah, maybe like Furyk, the PGA should be ashamed of themselves, pushing all of us to play faster, yet, allowing all of those shenanigans from Furyk, I guess the on-the-clock rule does not apply in major championships; and the TV clowns, all afraid of saying anything but, “he is really grinding” , no one had the courage to say anything about this joke, I guess job security, and not ticking off any of the boys on tour is more important,and they wonder why golf rounds and participation is going down, do as I say, not, as I do, they are killing the golden goose…

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