2 thoughts on “Putting Confidence Builder

  1. Having a consistent routine is central to good putting. It should be used on every putt, even when practicing. One thing I do when warming up for a round is do a half dozen 3 footers going through my routine EVERY time. This is a good confidence builder. I do not leave the green until 6 out of 6 putts are made.

  2. I think this has become a great confidence booster for me. Whenever I go to the course , whether it is to practice or play, I always start out on the putting green rolling 5 foot putts. I don’t go to the driving range until I have sunk 5 consecutive 5 footers. It may take 10-15 minutes ( or on occasion longer) but when I start a round I know I will not miss very many short putts. It takes the pressure off of all the other parts of the game and I find that I still have plenty of time to “warm up”.

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