Short Game Secret Weapon?

F & V:

You both do a great job in explaining the game of golf and its intricacies.

My question has to do with the use of a club that some view as a crutch. The club I’m referring to is the chipper. They range in loft from 25 to 50+ degrees and are about the same length as a putter (35” or so). Most are more upright than the corresponding club in the set with the same degree loft. The more upright lie helps the golfer swing the club as they would a putter and have many less fat shots than they would with a 7 or 8 iron or especially a wedge.

Personally, to maintain no more than 14 clubs, I’d rather use just one wedge (54 degrees) for a sand wedge, lay it open for a lob shot and put a chipper in the bag as well. The short game is where the strokes are saved.

Why is the chipper looked at with such disdain in the golfing world?



Thanks for your kind comments. Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with carrying a “Chipper” which is very useful and effective for many golfers.

Getting close to the hole with a chipper and watching your buddies chunk a wedge will soon get rid of any complex you may have about carrying this “crutch”.  

I believe that choking down on a 7- or 8-iron does the same thing for me as a chipper even though the lie angle is not perfect. The secret to chipping is to do as you suggest — i.e. use a putting stroke even if you have a seven-iron in your hands.

Nothing wrong with a Chipper but try a seven iron first.

Good luck


3 thoughts on “Short Game Secret Weapon?

  1. A chipper has become my goto club. Frankly I don’t know why you’d ever putt from off the green if you had a chipper. I’ve used it from bunkers, tight lies and from 75 yards away with great success. The distain I see for chippers is similar to the way it took so long for people to use hybrid clubs. As long as its a legal club I say you’re a fool to not even try a chipper. I’d like to see more chippers with high degree lofts similar to wedges. If you look at some of the wedges that are coming out, they are starting to look like chippers. Using a chipper has also improve my putting as a by product.

  2. I hit my chipper one-foot closer than my 7-iron. It works well from thin lies. I have found that 37 degrees is the best loft because thin hits travel about the same distance as solid hits. The greatest misconception in using chippers is the notion that they should be hit with your putting stroke. If your putting stoke is a wrist stroke or an arm stroke, then you won’t generate enough club speed to hit the chipper very far. I have found that a shoulder stroke works wonders from under 50 yards. My best result is three 10-putt nines in a row using a chipper and a 58 degree sand wedge. Enjoy!

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