Winter Indoor Putting Hints


During the winter season, I practice on a synthetic green in my home.

During the summer, I feel I can’t align myself properly.

Maybe its because of the corridor effect of an indoor practice green?

What do you think of indoor practice ?

Jean, Canada


Thank you for the question which I believe is appropriate for many of our Frankly Friends who are now snowed in or at least not in a position to practice on a real green.

I do think that putting in a small symmetrical room with all the lines parallel is going to affect your ability to aim when these do not surround you on the green. If you have space, try putting diagonally across the green, rather than just straight up and down.

To improve your alignment on the green, you also should consider a Frankly Frog with alignment guidance system on the shaft (center graphite shaft option).

For winter putting practice the two things that should become automatic are the ball position – under the eyes and just ahead of center between your feet; and second good rhythm. You can perfect these two things in your basement and if you have a cup to which you can putt, then do this but don’t watch the ball: listen for it to go into the cup.

You may want to develop some games or have a little competition with some friends before watching a football (or hockey) game. But whatever you do, make sure the fundamentals become automatic so you don’t have to think about them next spring and you can focus on green reading.

When you next visit Orlando please come and visit the Frankly Putting PAD (Performance, Analysis, Development) where we are continually helping students putt better.  

Jean, you also need to remain flexible during the winter so work on your putting technique and flexibility.

Stay warm 



3 thoughts on “Winter Indoor Putting Hints

  1. in winter I use a cheap 9 foot mat with a gravity ball return (not electric) and two balls, sometimes three if I’m especially ambitious.

    I position at 8 feet back from the hole, stroke my first ball, then position and stroke my second ball before the first one returns, and so on. I only think about taking the putter back smooth and straight, hitting the ball with the center of the putter (where the CG is), and taking the right distance back to get it to the hole.

    I have to forget the ball after I putt it to retrieve and position the next ball, and have little time to look and see if it falls, though I can hear if it goes into the hole or over the back lip.

    it can get pretty mindless, but I think that’s part of the usefulness: retrieve, position, back, through, retrieve.

    I think it has improved my stroke, so that I can concentrate more on the line and speed when I’m on the course.

  2. My winter putting drill is simple. Put two balls close together (~1/2″) like this oo. Try to strike one directly into the back of the other. If they roll on the same line, your putting stroke is perfect. If they don’t, find a way to make them roll on a straight line

  3. Also, when you putt indoors like that, wear shoes that are of similar “height” to your golf shoes. If you have flatter soles, your length to the putter could be off by an inch or so.

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