Is it the Putter or the Puttee?

Frank, I note that in your writings you have been emphasizing the importance of Putting and why we should pay more attention to this part of our game. Is it not as important to get a good putter and stick with it?

Jacksonville FL


It is very important to have a well designed and well balanced putter, however, it needs to be fitted correctly. You cannot be expected to drive a car very well if the seat and mirrors are not properly adjusted (fitted).  On the other hand, you don’t want to buy a Ferrari, have the seats and mirrors adjusted properly but then drive it like a tractor. If you buy a good putter – such as a Frankly Frog — and it is well fitted then “stick with it” but you must learn how to use it.

I know all of us need a little help – in some cases a lot of help – with our putting but please make sure that your putter is correctly fitted and then apply some basic fundamentals to your putting stroke. Putting accounts for about 43% or more of the score but we spend 10% or less working on this part of the game.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to understand and apply the basics outined in our book The Fundamentals of Putting and see some impressive results. 

Good luck, build confidence  and have fun on the green.


3 thoughts on “Is it the Putter or the Puttee?

  1. A good putter can sink putts with a spoon, a driver, a wedge…I think the one design feature that is critical is that there should be no offset between the middle of the shaft, when seen from above, and the face of the putter.
    I use a Ping Zing that is older than Tiger Woods. 34″, swingweight of C2.

  2. yes I agree with Frank, Though I don’t have his FROG. Proper length and feel of putter is required (feel is type of bottom head and should balanced). must have proper posture for free pendulum of putter.

  3. I have a Frankly Frog and I’ve read and tried to put into practice the basics of “The Fundamentals of Putting”. It took some experimentation to find the right grip, but now that the putter fits and I know what I’m supposed to do, I sink a lot more putts inside 10-15 feet than I used to. And that confidence has also meant I miss far fewer “gimmes” than I used to.

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