A Program for Putting Success

Once you have programmed your body with the right rhythm by swinging the putter, looking at the hole, followed by proper setup and alignment, take one last look at the hole and LET IT HAPPEN.

2 thoughts on “A Program for Putting Success

  1. Look at the hole or look at your point of aim for the break? I find that if the putt has a small break one ball or so, that looking at the hole sometimes causes me to hit more at the hole instead of the intended line for the break.

  2. It’s just putting. Don’t overthink it. Given the long icy winter and my new status as retired (no longer working) I’ve simplified putting to ‘mental anchoring’. While looking at the point on the back of the ball that I want to hit with the sweet spot of the putter (after aiming, of course) I just concentrate on keeping the top of the grip in place in space and hitting the aim point. I keep the backswing as short (i.e. compact) as possible and vary the force of the strike.
    It’s call ‘feel’. Aside from the ‘anchoring’ aspect, it’s just what Boomer advocated more than 70 years ago.

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