Music on the Green

We suggest that you should not listen to music while you are practising your putting. We have found that doing so affects your natural rhythm and timing, as well as your emotional state.

By listening to music you can also drown out the best sound in golf: the ball falling in the hole!

2 thoughts on “Music on the Green

  1. Music is becoming much more common on and around the golf course. My driving range pipes music to the hitting area as does Top Golf. Bluetooth speakers connected to smartphones are the norm on the course in my regular groups, not the exception. At first it bothered me, but now I find it relaxes me to “bop” along to the beat. It reminds me of Fuzzy Zoeller and his whistling. It reduces tension. As such I am wondering… What other opinions are there concerning music and golf?

  2. Great tip. Music can have different rythms and tempos, which may be different to the rythm each one should have when putting.

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