Claw Grip Cure?

Dear Frank,
Thanks so much for your weekly columns and advice.

I have a tremor in my right hand. This is not the “yips” as it affects other aspects of daily life; I have encountered a number of senior golfers who have this same malady which makes putting very difficult. I have experimented with various putters and techniques and so far anchored putting seems to work best.

However, it would be nice to have a solution that effectively takes the right hand out of play and that will remain USGA compliant.

What are your thoughts and suggestions for those of us with this problem ? I’ll try anything at this point !

Many Thanks,

Thanks for your kind comments.

For many golfers the right hand tries to dominate and as a result detrimentally affects the putt.

There is in many cases a cure for the tremors – not the yips – which is to take the right hand out of the stroke as much as possible.

It is tough to diagnose a problem remotely but as an immediate response I would suggest trying the “claw grip.”

The claw grip, is best described as gripping the putter with left hand in a standard manner close to the butt end of the grip and then turning the right hand upside down (palm facing downward) as if you were holding a pencil. The right hand is holding the putter with only the index finger and the thumb of the right hand, but positioned below the left hand with the other fingers extended.

The right hand is not gripping the putter but only going along for the ride. This will take the right hand out trying to control or be dominant during the stroke.

Dan please try this and let me know if it works for you. I do describe this grip in “The Fundamentals of Putting


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