Greenside Putting

If you are just off the green in the first cut, then use your putter. However, if you are in the second cut, consider taking out your 7 iron and making a putting stroke with it. Try this and see how it works out!

Did you know that the Frankly Frog Putter works extremely well from off the green? This is because of the special sole that Frank designed which allows the Frog putter to flow across the ground and not catch or stick in the longer grass, combined with the built in Frog forgiveness factor. Build your own Frankly Frog putter today!

3 thoughts on “Greenside Putting

  1. In longer cuts off the green, I know I can get the ball out and get it rolling with a hybrid. My problem is knowing how hard to hit it, as if it’s not just the right amount the hybrid will send the ball way too far. Requires lots of practice to gain that touch.

  2. I usually trya 4i 7i pw before a round on the practice green, and whichever feels good that day I try to stick

  3. I like using my 3h for off the green putting. For some reason it feels good in my hands and I have confidence standing over the shot. I encourage other golfers to try this and see if they have similar results. (Before finding success with my 3h, I used my 7 iron…)

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