Be Green Friendly

When you get to the green remember to fix your pitch mark, and one other mark if you can find it. We should all play our part in keeping the greens on the course in good condition which will generally reward good putts.

3 thoughts on “Be Green Friendly

  1. If I notice a member of my group forgetting to fix a pitch mark, I fix it for them and mention to them, “I fixed your ball mark.” I will keep doing this hole after hole until they start doing it for themselves and the rest of the players.

    I have played for 55 years and can still remember how wonderful it was when my course outlawed spiked shoes. Putting is a lot easier in the era of soft spikes.

  2. I don’t understand why people don’t repair pitch marks or ball marks. These are usually only caused when you’ve hit the green from a fair distance away; often a GIR! Fixing a ball mark is a badge of honor! I want people to see me fixing ball marks.

  3. Not only “green friendly”, but “fairway friendly” too, as in, replacing or filling divots with the sand/seed mix many carts nowadays have onboard …. PGA Tour pros might be great ambassadors for the game, and great roles models (well, most of them, at least), but they and their caddies can’t be bothered to replace divots – why is that? Are they hoping their opponents behind them or playing the next round tomorrow will have to hit out of what they leave today? Are they afraid they will be “put on the clock”? I’m sure the members of the clubs that host Tour events aren’t happy about the conditions the Tour Pros leave behind !

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