Keep Putting Simple

It is very important to keep putting simple.

Do not overthink your putting stroke. If your putting falls off the track, don’t look around for a quick fix or band aid solution. Instead, revert back to the basics and check your putting fundamentals. This way you can easily re-tune your stroke for success on the green.

One thought on “Keep Putting Simple

  1. I told a guy I ran into on the golf course, who complimented me on my putting (I think I had about 26 putts, averaging under 2 PPGIR) that I had discovered the secret of putting. He asked what it was and I said “I’m not telling.”
    But here it is. First, pick a putter by how it feels – Center shaft? Offset? Blade or Mallet? High or low overall weight and/or swingweight? – and stay with it, and one pattern of stroking, for at least 50 rounds of actual, competitive play -that is, when winning or losing means something tangible, like money.
    Then – and this is the real secret – visualize the track of the ball, by which I mean the line and the speed. Set up, look at the point on the ball that you want to put the putter’s sweet spot, start the backswing and then visualize the speed of the ball as you think it should be after it’s been struck.
    Then watch, and either pick the ball out of the cup or repeat the procedure without further thought.
    I guarantee that if you can discipline yourself to doing that, every time you have a putt to make, you’ll reach your potential as a putter.
    What limits your potential? Physical factors that you cannot change. And if you try to compensate for physical factors, then part of your mind is occupied with something other than putting.

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