Quick Five Questions for Frank

This week, Valerie prepared 5 quick questions for Frank to answer. Enjoy!


  1. In all your years of being involved in the game of golf, what has surprised you most?

The fact that — relatively speaking — it has not changed at all while  everything else around us is changing exponentially. We are still playing the same game developed 500 years ago and enjoying it just as much.

Therefore the surprise is that golf is not – as we believe —  a game, but a therapeutic activity. It is an activity in its purist form, which allows us to satisfy a subconscious urge to evaluate ourselves. It is this which draws us to the game, and the guardians need to make sure that it is this, which needs utmost protection.


  1. What player throughout the years has impressed you most and why?

Bobby Jones for his natural talent and as a great ambassador for the game, Gary Player for his hard work and tenacity and Jack Nicklaus for both his natural talent and tenacity.

Great golfers and good people two of whom – Gary and Jack—I know well.


  1. If you weren’t involved in golf, what would you like to have done?

I would like to have pursued my first dream to become a surgeon and help improve the lives of people in need. 

There is more satisfaction in helping others get better at what they do than anything else, as I have discovered in our putting instruction based on good scientific principles.

Knowing what you are doing and doing it well is great for the body and soul especially when you recognize that you are forever learning.      


  1. What is your favorite golf course in the world and why?

One of my favorites is Southbroom G.C. in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It is a short course and requires I use every club in the bag. Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean with stunning views, it never presents the same challenge two days in a row, the climate is perfect and the wind is unpredictable. I have had more enjoyable rounds of golf at Southbroom than anywhere else. 

You can see more of the course by clicking on this link.


Frank enjoying a round at Southbroom GC, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


  1. What is one thing that you absolutely need to carry in your golf bag?

Enough golf balls and some good rain gear.


2 thoughts on “Quick Five Questions for Frank

  1. High quality answers, just as we have come to expect from you Frank. The golf course in South Africa looks like an ideal place to play golf. I also thought that the online scorecard was superb and could serve as a model for other golf course websites.

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