New Frog?



I have read your weekly online column for years. I have just finished reading The Fundamentals of Putting and I am now convinced that I need a Frog putter, so my wife is buying me one for Christmas. I just wanted to check that there won’t be a “New and Improved” Frog hitting the market anytime soon?

Thanks for everything you do for the game.



Thank you for the kind comments and being a loyal friend. We are pleased that you are enjoying our weekly e-mails.

First, let me say that you must have a very wise and loving wife to get you a Frog for Christmas.

Peter, I have thought hard about an improved Frankly Frog design but have not yet come up with anything that will make it better. I will only change the design if I can be sure it will improve the performance of the Frog, but not for marketing reasons, as is commonly the case in golf equipment design.

As you may know, I designed the Original Frankly Frog in 2003 and added a Mid Mallet to the line which has similar properties to the Original Frankly Frog. I also developed a Frog blade for those who have not yet switched to a mallet putter.

I designed the Original Frankly Frog at 2:00 am in the morning of June 5th 2003. I made the final drawings for the CNC machining after breakfast and noticed that it looked like a Frog.

My experience is that after the first prototype of a design, changes will inevitably be made but this was not the case with the Original Frankly Frog design. Not a single dimension has changed from the first drawing.

The design concept of the Original Frankly Frog was to remove all the sources of error in the instrument giving the golfer the confidence they need in knowing that the errors experienced were not those of the putter but most likely the Puttee. This design has now been validated based on the fact that several similar designs have been introduced by major manufacturers.

I have said to many of those who have bought a Frankly Frog that now that they have a Ferrari they need to drive it like one; not like a tractor. I suggest that they get a lesson from a Frankly Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) and/or read and apply the teachings in The Fundamentals of Putting, or pay a visit to our Frankly Putting Academy and Research Center to have the full experience.

Putt well and “May the Frog Be With You” this Christmas, Peter.



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