Dejected by Divots

This week’s Q&A is an excerpt from Frank’s book: Dear Frank…Answers to 100 of your Golf Equipment Questions


After another terribly frustrating round, my buddy lamented (among other things) the fact that he does not take a proper divot. After explaining the basics about hitting down on the ball, I also added that we both play with wide-sole super game improvement irons that are designed to resist digging. For this reason, I myself have been pondering switching to irons designed for mid-handicappers. Is my reasoning correct, or was I just trying to console a dejected partner?

– J.J.


I don’t think the type of the divot is as important as how the ball leaves the club face. Launching the ball well is all that counts.

Taking a divot is more dangerous than not, because the chances of hitting the ground before you make contact with the ball is a real potential problem if you are taking any sort of significant divot.

Don’t worry about the divot as many good golfers do not take much of a divot with the long irons. The irons you have should fit your needs so don’t change unless you feel you are being held back– not because of the quality of the divot.

Hope this helps.


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