Jordan Spieth’s Win: What Can We Learn?

Three keys we can use to unlock a great performance!

1. Distance Control

First, Jordan’s distance control with his irons is extremely good. We all need to recognize how far we actually hit each iron, rather than taking the best shot we ever hit with each iron and convincing ourselves that this is the norm. Be honest with yourself in this regard.

2. Stick with the Plan

Second, we must admire Jordan’s composure and sticking to his game plan to the end. If we managed our own games more effectively we would not try that one in a thousand shot – irrespective of how much of a thrill it would be if it turned out the way we had hoped. We should be more realistic and take our medicine by chipping out of trouble rather than taking an ego-driven chance and finding ourselves in more trouble.

3. Putting Performance

Jordan did exceptionally well on the green with a stellar putting performance. He was focused, he trusted his stroke and let it happen.

Many of our Frankly Putting PAD Academy students are curious about the fact that Jordan looks at the hole on his short putts, but not any of his other putts.

In our work with many golfers of different skill levels we have found– even with our elite students — that looking at the hole when making short putts does actually work. My recommendation is to practice looking at the hole now and again to gain confidence in your stroke.

We use this technique for training purposes and to get rid of the feedback from the brain based on an unintended movement clearly visible in the peripheral vision while making a stroke. Looking at the hole will sometimes dampen any inflight correction as it is more difficult to see this in your peripheral vision when looking at the hole. Bob Christina and Eric Alpenfels have written an interesting book called “Instinct Putting” which discusses looking at the hole for all putts.

The one area I see as problematic is that if your decision is to look at the hole on short putts, does this mean 3-footers, 4-footers or 5-footers? This is where the problem starts because if your criteria is to only look at the hole on 4-footers or less, then with a 4.5 footer you may be somewhat conflicted which is not good when over the putt.

I think we can all learn a lot from Jordan’s win at Augusta and be proud of him for his magnificent performance.





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