Using “Found” Golf Balls

Hey Frank,

Love the book, a great read.  My uncle lives on a golf course. His home is on the right side of the fairway about 230 yards out.  He kindly gives me clean Pro V1’s by the dozens.  I am concerned though, I am a 3.8 index and I question how far these balls go.  Can these ball lose distance??? Am I saving money but paying dearly in strokes???

–Dan, CA


Thank you for your comments about my book “Just Hit It”. It does give one food for thought and puts the activity of golf in the proper perspective as an essential ingredient in our lives and gives us the ability to maintain some degree of balance in the complex world which surrounds us.

Now for your free ProV1s; If you don’t have to buy a good, clean ProV1 golf ball which may only have spent a night or two on its own on a golf course – or on your uncle’s front lawn — then consider yourself very lucky. Using these balls will not detrimentally affect your performance unless the surface is scuffed from a previously errant shot, which landed on a cart path.

The surface condition of the ball is very important to performance. Even dirt in the dimples will affect the flight of the ball so clean your ball whenever you notice it is dirty and when you are permitted to do so under the rules.  

Obviously your uncle now knows that having a home at  230 yards on the right hand side of the fairway is about as safe as voluntarily spending some time at the target end of an army practice shooting range when the red flag is flying.

I am sure your uncle who lives in the ball scatter landing zone, knew that he would be able to have a life time supply of ProV1s for his friends and family. As far as performance is concerned you don’t have to worry as long as the ball is not scuffed and did not spend a couple of weeks, at the bottom of your uncle’s pool when he was out of town.

Dan, have fun with these “Yard-balls” and buy your uncle a hard hat.



2 thoughts on “Using “Found” Golf Balls

    • The only thing defective about these Pro V1 balls are the golfers that use them. Too much side spin on these babies and not for the choppers (me).. I do much better with the mid grade balls.

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