Your Essential Practice Putting Device

With The Frog Stick, It’s Easy on the Green

It is with pleasure that we share the story of The Frog Stick with you. It was designed based on Frank’s years of innovation in creating technically sound products to help golfers play better and enjoy the game more.

For more than a decade Frank has immersed himself in researching and understanding the putting stroke and how it works, applying his findings to help thousands of golfers from all over the world putt better. The Frog Stick is the culmination of these years of discovery.

By just clipping The Frog Stick to your putter you can visually track its path and any errors are exaggerated, allowing you to make the necessary corrections in practice to smooth out your stroke. It helps you putt in a plane, something that Frank revealed in his groundbreaking Golf Digest article in March 2015.

So try The Frog Stick. Make practice putting simple. Clip, Putt, Improve.