Putter Technology on Tour


I see more and more of the top players on tour using mallet putters. As a 90’s shooter should I switch from my blade to a mallet style?

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Tour players have been using mallet style  putters for some time but in the most part seem to be influenced more by fashion  than performance. 

Yes, today’s blades, almost exclusively modeled on the 1960s Ping Anser design, are efficient and more forgiving than true blades such as the popular Bulls Eye putters of the mid 1950s. 

Today’s putter designers and elite golfers now recognize the improved forgiveness properties of the modern mallet designs inspired by the Frankly Frog design leading the way with weights moved back and separated — split-weight technology. These are starting to be the preferred choice of those golfers looking for an implement without unnecessary potential sources of error.

With the above in mind; yes I would suggest that you consider a mallet- design putter but be careful to select it based on a reasonable understanding of putter technology. We have an entire chapter dedicated to this subject in The  Fundamentals of Putting a reading of which will not only make you better informed about putter design but will also guide you in how to fit and use your putter most effectively.

Good luck and look forward to having more fun on the green.



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