Get A Grip?


My clubs are just over two years old and I play about thirty rounds a year but the grips are starting to feel a little slippery. How do I restore the grips to the condition they were in when I bought the clubs? I have a Frankly Frog putter which I bought four years ago and the grip is also getting a bit worn.

Milton, IL



It seems that your Frog putter is behaving itself which is good news because we train them well before sending them to a new home. 

As far as your grips are concerned they really should be changed every two years. If you play more than approximately 50 rounds a year, then you should think about changing them annually.

Hand grease, suntan lotion, moisturizer, extreme temperature conditions etc. will all affect the grips after a while. You can try to wash the grips with some dish washing detergent to get rid of the grease and general muck but if they become smooth and washing doesn’t do the trick then get your entire set or at least those clubs you use a lot, such as your driver, hybrid and wedges, re-gripped.

When it comes to your Frog  putter grip, we do send the Frog Putters out with a good quality grip but if you think about it, you use your putter nearly three times more than any other club in your bag, so it will show signs of wear sooner than most clubs even though you don’t – or shouldn’t – squeeze the putter too tightly, because this will affect your rhythm. We do have various new grips available for your Frog putter, or you might even be interested in one of our Frankly Frog makeover kits which consists of a new grip and a good looking new headcover.

Milton, please continue to enjoy your Frog and remember: Frogs like to be kissed but not squeezed.  

Hope this helps


One thought on “Get A Grip?

  1. Try using a kitchen degreaser such as Mr Muscle to treat shiny grips. I have a thirty year old set of blades which I use from time to time and clean grips with the kitchen cleaner. They look and feel as good as new!

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