Indoor Putting for Spring Success

Don’t let snow on the ground and bad weather allow your putting progress to slide! Instead, think of it as a great opportunity to improve indoors.

One of the simplest areas you can perfect is ball position: making sure the ball is consistently positioned between your feet and below your eyes. Rehearsal of this will help you get into position quickly and comfortably when spring arrives, setting you up for success on the green.

Master this and the other Fundamentals of Putting with our online course to improve your putting in the living room this winter!

Feedback on the course has been fabulous. Here are a few comments from some golfers who have completed the course:

I loved the videos and learned so much. I know the course will help my putting when I get out on the greens.

The green reading is something I found I especially needed. I have read different approaches to reading greens over the years and always struggled. The systematic approach that is not too complicated but with key steps, establishing the fall line for instance, but without the complexities of Aim Point for sure helps.”


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