Love Your Putter

If you want to putt well, you must have a good relationship with your putter. It must look good to you and you should feel comfortable with it.

Ingredients for a good relationship include: forgiveness, balance and stability. Once you have these, all that is left is trust.

If you love your putter, it will love you back.


Looking for a putter to love? Here are 8 Reasons to Love the Frankly Frog Putter, loved by Frog Owners around the world.

2 thoughts on “Love Your Putter

  1. I used to average 38-44 putts per round. I got a Frog 3 years ago, did some experimentation (grip, shaft, weighting), got some education (Fundamentals of Putting) and now I average 29-34 putts per round. And while most of the others in my group complain about how many 3 and 4 putt greens they had, I just listen and smile. What used to be the worst part of my game is now the best. FYI – I’m 70.

  2. Yes, but I am a firm believer in putting “old faithful” in the basement corner if it goes cold. Kind of like the Island of Misfit toys. Then, when you pull it back out, a little hot streak develops or its right back to the dungeon!

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