Master-ing Fast Greens

As the world’s best players prepare to play at Augusta, here are two top tips we thought would help you “master” the challenge next time you are faced with fast greens:

  1. Allow for more break on fast greens
  2. Don’t change your rhythm, swing path or impact point on the putterface: simply make a shorter backstroke. You will adapt to this quickly if you calibrated yourself ahead of time on the practice putting green: ideally it should be the same speed as the rest of the greens on the course.

2 thoughts on “Master-ing Fast Greens

  1. The very few times I had to play on super quick greens, I had good luck putting downhill on my concrete garage floor. The dimples on the ball are the only thing that stopped the ball. That way when I hit warm-up putts I was needing to hit a little harder and I wasn’t scared by the “super-fast” greens because I had just been putting on one that was even faster. I made no effort to adjust my stroke. I just hit to the target until I had the right distance.

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