8 thoughts on “One Roll of A Golf Ball

  1. I know we should expect better of the USGA, but remember by definition they are amateurs who rule mainly over amateur events. When they get the chance for a bigger stage they inveriably screw it up. Yes, Mike Davis should be sent down the road otherwise where is the real accountability or incentive for change. If not, they’ll do it again. The same minds usually make the same mistakes. Chambers Bay and now this; time for some housecleaning. Not to mention the multi-year contact with Fox who couldn’t broadcast a rat fight. shhhsssh !

  2. Greens running at 15 on the stimpmeter? Good grief. A heavy semi-truck trundling along on the adjacent turnpike would cause enough vibration to move a ball. This is just another example of a course tricked up by the USGA. National championship? Bull. National embarrassment absolutely!

  3. USGA 2nd effort got it totally wrong. First official asked Dustin if it moved, and he said no! Official okayed play-on. Why is it necessary for further review after his sanction to play. Don’t we believe a tour player’s word. Through the years many pro’s called penalties on themselves that often led their losing a tournament. The USGA needs to have a serious review of their actions on this situation. It took away from the great play by Dustin Johnson, and other pro’s in contention.

  4. It didn’t take anywhere near that much roll of the ball to embroil D. Johnson in some unruly drama yesterday near the end of the Open!

    • After being a USAG member for many years, I will cancel my membership over this fiasco, I hope members by the thousands will consider doing the same.
      Just think of the Super Bowl trying this stupidity.

    • Major screw up by USGA, someone should be reprimanded for this. No other sport waits until end of play to hand out penalties.

      • If there is an “extra” stroke involved with accidental act by golfer, why isn’t if just another stroke? Why do we call it a penalty? just recognize the stroke and play ball as it lies. I was taught more than 50 years ago that a stroke was the moving of a ball in play by the golfer or an attempt to move the ball. That’s what people say happened on #5 — the ball was (likely) moved by the golfer, even if it was accidental.

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