Think Before You Throw

The Open last week was one of the best exhibitions of great golf that we have seen for some time. Congratulations to the course, set up, maintenance, organizers and especially the golfers, with special note to Henrik and Phil for a dazzling display of golf.

There were moments, however, of frustration exhibited by certain players.

We all know that one of the more difficult things to control in golf is your own temper and the natural urge to express your frustration through a violent reaction like slamming your club into the ground or throwing it. This display of frustration happens most often when you lose your focus and do something silly. Rory had at least one of these moments last week.

Because golf is so personal, exhibiting your self-disappointment at an error by screaming some “bleeping” language or a more violent action, seems to provide some very short term relief, but there is no excuse for it. Golf etiquette implies that one should restrain such exhibitions and — do what is almost impossible at times — control oneself, especially if you are a role model with millions of people watching you.

If for some reason you find yourself in the midst of throwing a club, I urge you, for one millisecond before you release it, to think of the consequences of such an action.

First; if you don’t want to damage the club, aim at a soft landing area, away from other golfers and/or spectators.

Second; if the water is your choice of a good landing zone, make sure that the head size on your club is larger than 270cc’s if you want it to float for easier retrieval.

Third; know the rules of damaging your club and its playing characteristics being changed due to such a throw. If it is a sacrificial club and you don’t want to use it again during the round then that’s OK, and the only downside is the scorn from the spectators. In Rory’s case, the landing zone was hard and the club was in pieces after the first bounce.

Good luck and hope you enjoyed The Open.

Remember to think before you throw….have your say on such exhibitions of frustration by replying below.


5 thoughts on “Think Before You Throw

  1. Frank, I think we all share sympathy for the professional players, they have earned the right to show their frustrations. However, a few of them are still learning the proper more suttle techniques for such display. Tommy Bolt comes to mind and others of a similar temperament. Kyle Lafoon once held his bare arm in a hedge of rose bushes as he walked down the path. His wife came running pleading with him saying “Kyle stop it you are going to hurt yourself, to which he replied, It’s OK honey, I just don’t like roses”….

  2. Our state association code of conduct states tossing/throwing a club in anger will get you tossed as well. Ridiculous outbursts of anger are seldom seen anymore.

  3. Played with a guy who hooked his tee shot into a residential area… he lost it and let that 3 iron fly… it landed on someones roof…. all of us stood speechless… then he said ” boy that was stupid” … it’s not like he was going to knock on their door and ask if he could retrieve it.
    Moral of the story “it’s harder to concentrate on putting when you are thinking about the club you just lost”

  4. You are correct about what you say. I recently had a small outburst, which I have not had for quite a while, perhaps since I acquired my two Frankly Frog putters, and I felt embarrassed afterwards.

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