When to Change Your Putter

Your book Just Hit It, is fascinating reading and I believe every serious golfer should read it.
My question is to do with the pros changing putters. What makes these superstars change putters and can you please give me some advice in this regard?
West Virginia

I am pleased that you enjoyed my book, thanks for mentioning it.

There are various reasons for pros changing putters, a few of which are that they are being paid to do so;  they are still looking for that magic wand; their putting stroke has gone sour and have nothing else to blame; or they just believe a change will be good.

Once you have developed confidence in your putter I suggest that you don’t change. Corey Pavin has been putting with a Bulls Eye blade – this was a great putter in its time about 50 years ago — and has done so for as long as I can remember.

Richard, it is very important that you first get a properly fitted and well designed putter – 90% of us should use a mallet putter with a low center of gravity, a high MOI (forgiveness) and face balanced.  Then you need to work on your putting. I say this because we don’t spend enough time on our putting technique. About 40 % of our time is spent on the green and this is where 45% of our score are generated. But we spend less than 5% of our time on learning and understanding how to putt. A good putting lesson can help you enjoy your game.

We have researched the science of putting extensively for at least 16 years and always come to the same conclusion that with a properly fitted putter and a simple and natural stroke you will develop confidence and consistency on the green. I highly recommend getting a copy of the Fundamentals of Putting which are based on our experience in mechanics, psychology, green reading, rhythm etc. and input from our very well qualified advisory board who conduct research on putting, as it relates to their respective disciplines.

Richard, when you find a good putter don’t give it up but work on your technique until the putter starts misbehaving,  then put it in a dark closet for a couple of weeks. This has worked well in many cases.

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3 thoughts on “When to Change Your Putter

  1. Dear Frank,
    Had a lesson in your studio several years ago and purchased the mid mallet Frog. My golfing friends noticed how well I began putting. When I seem to begin putting not as well as I expect I should, I go back and review what you guys taught me and the lessons in your Fundamentals of Putting book. Then I quit being lazy and go out and really practice. Somehow after that, my Frog seems to behave better. LOL Would not give my Frog up. You guys were great!

    Steve Schmidlap
    Anthem, AZ

  2. I made a rule for myself when I was about 14, 54 years ago: never change putters unless you are putting well. Therefore I have never blamed my putter for bad results nor expected immediate improvement with a new putter. It’s worked for me.

  3. Frank: I find that a firm yet gentle scolding works well in combination to a few weeks’ time out. Raising one’s voice is probably counterproductive, but disapproving looks help in the short term.

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