Get into the Swing of Putting

A pendulum if allowed to swing– like a child’s playground swing — will have the same frequency (rhythm or tempo) no matter how high it swings within reason — i.e. an included angle range of about ninety degrees.

This is based on gravity and the properties of the system; just like a grandfather clock. We can change the frequency by adjusting the Bob position at the end of the pendulum – i.e. changing the properties of the pendulum – the single system made up of the shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and putter which are all fixed during the stroke.

The same rhythm for every stroke is very important for consistency and distance control. If we understand that the higher we swing the playground swing the faster it will pass over the ground at the bottom of the arc but the rhythm (frequency of the cycle) is unchanged. This therefore is the only variable on different putting distances – i.e. how far you take it on the back on the backstroke.

To learn more and improve your putting read The Fundamentals of Putting



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