Winter Drills for the Den


This summer my putting has been horrible. For my birthday my wife bought me a 12 foot putting carpet for my den. Do you have any suggestions for drills I can work on over the winter months while the course is covered in snow?

Mike, Minnesota


What a thoughtful gift from your wife! There are many ways you can improve your putting over the winter months with or without a putting carpet and here is what I would suggest you do.

First, make sure you have signed up for our free weekly Putting Tips which are published every Monday. These provide short tips and reminders to help you keep your putting on track.

Next, if you don’t have it already, be sure to obtain a copy of The Fundamentals of Putting. It’s a great fireside read, explaining simply the sound, basic mechanics needed for a good putting stroke based on scientific principles and contains some excellent putting drills. Combined with The Frog Stick putting training device, you will be able to put what you learn into practice in your den in no time. It will help your swing path and eliminate any unwanted wrist breaking or rotation.

As you go through the process and the book, you will start to understand the importance of putter fitting, and the role of putter technology in helping you putt better. It may be time to think about a new putter and, there are several reasons why you should consider a Frankly Frog.

We are offering a complimentary putting phone consultation service which can be scheduled with either myself or Valerie to accompany each Frankly Frog purchase this holiday season. So, with gift giving time approaching, perhaps a not so subtle hint to your wife might be in order.

I hope this helps you use your den-time wisely this winter.


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