Beat the Fear of the Downhill Putt!

Downhill putts are generally feared the most by golfers. Here are three ways to have more success on the downhill slopes:

  1. Even though you know it’s a downhiller, just take a moment to walk to the other side of the hole to see the extent of the slope you face.
  2. Before you putt, have a couple of “feel” strokes, looking at the hole, to rehearse and lock in the feel with which you will use to stroke the putt.
  3. Go ahead and make the stroke with that same feel. Be confident and do not second guess yourself over the putt, or make an in-stroke correction. If you do this, chances are you will leave it short, with another knee knocker to face.

Hope this helps next time you are faced with a slippery slope.

What putts do you fear the most? Share your thoughts with us and other Frankly Friends by replying below



One thought on “Beat the Fear of the Downhill Putt!

  1. I fear fairly short, big-breaking, down/side hill putts. I don’t want to hit too hard because I’ll have a longer putt coming back, but too easy and it breaks even more. Basically, no room for error.

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