A Trip to the Honesty Box

A number of years ago, we visited Isle of Seil Golf Club in Scotland. We thought that it would be nice to share the story of our visit there with you again today, taking us all back to the roots of the game, and allowing us to find peace and quiet in the simple joy of playing golf in its purest form.


A sign welcoming you to Seil. Two rounds of the nine hole course add up to 4282 yards. This is the Clubhouse.
Sign in the Guest book Put your money in the envelope
Envelope in the Honesty Box And off you go!
You feel that you are not too far removed from those shepherds who may have discovered the game And how refreshing…yardages for white, yellow and red tees are the same on the 4th/13th hole…128 yds
.….a beautiful, par 3 beside the loch.
It’s a place where greens are handmown once a week


And, somehow, technology doesn’t seem so important, as we reconnect with the simplicity, values and basics of the game


14 thoughts on “A Trip to the Honesty Box

  1. Reminds me of munis in Hawaii as recently as in the ’70’s like Ala Wai on Oahu and Wailua on Kauai. If you were a part of the dawn patrol on those courses and teed off before the starter got to the course, you put your money in the kitty box at the starter’s window and off you went. Fond memories… :))

  2. Perhaps the game of golf is ” in decline” because there are so few places like the Isle of Seil in this country and if the exist they are not really ” acceptable ” to play. Perhaps the real problem is Augusta, Arnie and TV and Tiger all setting the economic and technical bar too high for mere mortals to reach. Greens mowed once a week-“no way” I am afraid.

  3. Your story reminds me of another course near Oban, Glencruitten. I showed up early in the morning and left my greens fees in the honesty box, then met the starter at the end of the round.

  4. Great story Frank. I once used an honesty box at a course in Kansas with no grass on greens – simply rake the sand greens after usage.

  5. Could someone on the Golf Channel recognize that there are plenty of golfers who would like to see a round of golf played like this. Thanks Frank for reminding us of this.

    • Hi Dave, glad you enjoyed it! You should share this article with all your old school friends and plan a trip there. Its a very cool spot, in more ways than one as you can tell from the layers of clothing. But not to worry, as with most places in Scotland there is a whisky distillery nearby (in the town of Oban) so you can warm up! Valerie

  6. Honesty isn`t that what Golf is all about? Play the ball as it lies and don`t cheat, will bring you everywhere and make many friends.

  7. Reminds me of the honesty bar at Smuggles Cove in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. You leave a dollar in the box and take your beer or water from the fridge. It adds to a spectacular day at the beach. Sadly there is no gold course there – you have to get the ferry to the US Virgin Islands to play a round.

  8. Thank you so much, you told a beautiful story So well and translated the feel with few words and pictures.

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