Have Your Say: Proposed Rules Changes

This will be the start of a series of discussions of the significant proposed Rules changes.

The USGA and R&A have proposed “Modernizing the Rules” – i.e. Simplifying the Rules – to make them easier to understand and apply more effectively.

I wholeheartedly applaud this initiative as it makes a lot of sense and is in accordance with some suggestions in my books “Just Hit It” (©2008)  and From Sticks and Stones (© 2011) — I note that the discussions to makes these global changes date back to 2012, and with some massaging should  be in effect in 2019.

My first comment is about the proposal to publish a proposed shorter version of the Rules called the Players Edition. This does not have to wait until 2019, as this document exists today and is entitled “A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf”, and formerly known as “The Rules in Brief.” This will allow at least 90% of golfers to know about 95% of what they need to know about the Rules.

Once the rules have changed then an updated version can be published. (see http://www.randa.org/RulesEquipment/Rules/QuickGuide/Start for a free download and https://www.usgapublications.com/products/a-quick-guide-to-the-rules-of-golf for 50cents)

Proposed Change: New Procedure for Dropping a Ball

This week I will address the proposed rule change regarding how to drop a ball when taking relief.

The only requirement will be for you to hold the ball above the ground and let it go so that it falls through the air before coming to rest.

I encourage you to click here to review the USGA proposal, with video, on the USGA website.

One justification for this change is that under the present procedure, that The player has no guarantee that the ball will come to rest on a desired spot or in a good lie”

The proposed change will minimize the randomness of the final resting place of the ball after being dropped.

We would like your input. I will withhold my personal input, until after comments are received from our Frankly Friends and other visitors, thus giving you the opportunity to form your own opinion and comment (by replying below) about this particular proposed rules change.

Looking forward to a lively discussion. Next week we will talk about TV referees.



19 thoughts on “Have Your Say: Proposed Rules Changes

  1. I prefer the option of dropping from waist high level, where some randomness is probable rather than almost placing the ball which seems the most likely outcome as people keep trying to minimise the dropping height.

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