Mind vs Body in Putting

Frank, thank you for your tips which have been very helpful.

I have a question about my putting and need some advice. My putting stroke is admired by my golfing friends, thanks to the time spent reading your book The Fundamentals of Putting but I am having problems with distance control. As much as I try to calculate how hard to hit every putt, I don’t seem to be able to convert. I have found that when the putt doesn’t count, because we have already won the hole, I invariably sink the putt.



St Andrews


A great place to be during the summer, and from in winter. Thank you for your kind comments about The Fundamentals of Putting.

You have answered your own question.

Don’t try to calculate how hard to hit the putt.  This is filled with questionable information and errors.  With a good natural stroke, let your intuitive ability take over and stop your calculating mind from interfering.  This is the case when you play ball with your friends and children, and don’t try to consciously calculate how hard to throw the ball.

You have proof that this works based on your experience of letting your body take over when the putt doesn’t matter. Relax, see the hole and let it happen. Your body knows best so don’t let your manipulating mind interfere.  I suggest a quick re-read of Chapter 8 and Chapter 10 of The Fundamentals of Putting to reinforce this.

Let me know who wins the battle.



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