Changes in the Rules

The USGA and R&A have proposed major changes to the Rules of Golf and made this announcement on March 1st 2017 . The stated objective is an effort to “Modernize” the rules.

The plan is to adopt these changes on Jan 1st 2019.

The USGA and R&A have requested comment before the end of August 2017, after which these proposed new rules will be finalized and prepared for adoption.

I would like all our Frankly Friends to spend a few minutes to review this proposed new approach to the rules and provide their input to the USGA and R&A.

For your convenience, I have provided two links to these proposed changes:

1. The summary chart:


2. You can read draft copies of the proposed rules in full by visiting:  

Please feel free to leave your comment below.  I am very interested in learning your thoughts.


11 thoughts on “Changes in the Rules

  1. many of these rule changes are long over due, especially distance measuring devices and video review over reasonable judgement. but others are crazy and strange. how do i practice a 1 inch drop–on my knees??? why not just place it! i need to mark my driver shaft with a 20″ mark and an 80″ mark (1 driver plus 33″ mark). what about club damaged by player, moving loose impediments in bunkers, unattended flagstick, “maximum score” concept in stroke play, not announcing that player is touching ball. i think these take some of the integrity out of the game. the way people derive and arrive at their handicaps today shows the way the integrity of the game is diminishing.

  2. Good ideas. Wish they would roll back the rules on grooves, length, and anchoring.

    The change in grooves only added 9 more inches length to pin for pro approach shots. Definitely not worth the expense caused the golfing public when they get new clubs just to be conforming.

  3. Surprising changes! I understand that the objective of faster play and “making it more fun” are behind the proposed changes, and some were long overdue, however, these changes may lead to threatening the integrity of the field. This has been one of the things that separates golf from most other sports (???????)

  4. Generally sound across the board, great to see lining up on the tee and green go, waste of time and space, seeing amateurs copy professionals drives me mad. Use of red areas interesting as a person who manages competitions it will be up to the clubs to mark areas correctly. Use of above numbers scores for stroke play is interesting. All in all very sound.

  5. from reading the summary, it looks to me like the new rules will all be steps in a good direction … one that is conspicuous by its omission, however, is the length of putters, which created the anchoring controversy in the first place … simply say “the putter is one of (if it ties with another club(s) for the shortest length), if not THE, shortest club in the bag” and be done with it ! How would that be circumnavigated? How many players would have all their wedges and other short-shot clubs as long as their driver or fairway woods, just so they could have a 40+inch putter? I think very few, and they would face such media scrutiny that they would quickly reconsider their choice.

  6. I completely endorse and encourage the rules change. This will make golf faster and more fun. Also will help in attracting new golfers to this fine sport.

  7. They’re all good. I particularly like the pace of play and player integrity changes. Elimination of video referees is particularly admirable.

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