Putting Makes a Champion

There is no doubt that the 146th Open will be one of the most memorable for many years.

Spieth’s victory validated the importance of putting in golf. This, mixed with a good dose of grit, confidence and talent helps, all of which are the ingredients needed to make a champion golfer. The final two hours of The Open was the most eventful and exciting of any recent event, validating the importance of putting.

I would like to say that we wrote the book “The Fundamentals of Putting” based on Jordan Spieth’s putting style but it was written before Jordan turned professional. However, his putting stroke – except for the short putts (whatever is short in his mind) looking at the hole — epitomizes everything written in the book based on scientific principles.

I do, however, really hope he knows why he putts so well. If so, when his putting falters – which happens — he will easily be able to return to his impeccable stroke without having to aimlessly search for a fix which might worsen, rather than correct, any fault.

There is a major difference, however, between having a perfect putting stroke and being a champion of Spieth’s caliber, and this comes from inside the golfer and is very difficult to instill from outside of the being. His ability to read the greens and develop the unwavering confidence is the grit needed, concomitant with outstanding talent and hard work.

Yes, we have a true champion.

Well done, Jordan, stay with it, and be you. “Do not to follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” RWE


Did you enjoy watching Jordan’s victory? Please share your thoughts below with us and other Frankly Friends.


5 thoughts on “Putting Makes a Champion

  1. Congratulations to Jordan Speith on his performance. Just as many accolades could be directed to Matt Kuchar who, for many years, has been a journeyman pro but has been able to compete at the highest levels, as demonstrated at Birkdale, without losing his apparent charm.

  2. I held my breath & prayed for the first 12 holes. Relaxed and enjoyed the wizardy of this wonderful talented young man. Sure would like to see him use the three wood more often, the driver gets him to trouble. Either way he is a CHAMPION.
    Congrats Jordan.

  3. The Open Result will be forever questioned, as we’ll never know what result would have been if Officials had levied the slow play penalty on Jordan. After he was “put on the clock” his play slowed even further. Had penalty been assessed, it is likely Jordan could not have overcome the emotional aspects of receiving the penalty, and not been able to deliver the performance he did. We’ll never know, but certainly an “*” is warranted in that the Officials may of robbed Kooch of his first Major.

  4. Almost all the rest of us would be done for after loosing our swing and missing several short putts. Rudy T, the basketball coach, said it best, “never underestimate the heart of a champion.” This was a comeback for the ages.

  5. As always it is about getting it in the hole in the least number of shots, give it a ride on and off the greens if your close you will hole plenty when you are a long way away putt with the confidence that if it is long enough it may go in. Trying to guard a number is the route to disaster, as he proved it is never over till it is done. Bravo.

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